What is NPO Sense?

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What is NPO Sense?


SENSE(î) NPO Sense is aiming at;
E@Disseminating Noh and Kyogen, the representative Japanese traditional arts to lots of people
E Giving the equal and open opportunities for the Nohgaku artists to exchange the different cultures with people home and abroad
E Contributing to the promotion of culture, art, education, and revitalization of local communities
In the opening movie, there is a scene of unfolding a sense which is a fan created by Japanese.
This means that we open our door overseas.
In this scene, we put our wish and passion that we would like to support all the activities for the people all over the world to communicate and interchange different cultures.

This is the sense which was shown in the opening movie.

yLogo Markz

SENSE(î) Japanese sense consists of paper on many thin bamboo strips joined by the mating part called kaname(the center) so that we can open and close it easily. We are aiming at becoming a centerpiece as kaname to join all arts together including Nohgaku and also a being to tie up various talented artists or groups. Also, the word sense(companyfs name) has its own meaning in English. Having a good sense of new era, we would like to reflect your needs and always try to meet your expectations. A folding fan = sense. We do hope to become a Kaname. Given that the flexible fan had been created by Japanese, we would like to continue our activities targeting on joining artists of Nohgaku and other arts together, with flexible sensibilities.

yMessage form the representative of NPO Sensez

Sakio Hashioka

(photo taken by Seishiro Taki from Sankei Shinbun)
The representative of NPO Sense.
We have two principles in NPO Sense.
One is to promote Nohgaku.
We set out the activities which have substantial vision of having big effect on more people throughout the world to recognize and enjoy Nohgaku, giving support to each Nohgaku actor.
To realize this, we are proceeding in cooperation with the government, public agencies, various groups and private sectors.

The other one is to enhance the competitiveness of Nohgaku.
We would like to improve the environment for Nohgaku from the standpoint of both soft and hard ware to be able to compete with other arts in the popularity, with lively exchange among Nohgaku artists beyond the school, age, gender and their personal backgrounds.
Also in a good sense, we would encourage to form what is called the meritocracy in the Nohgaku world.
Accordingly, Nohgaku theatre would be widely supported by more people so that it can be competitive in the world of theatrical arts.
To realize these two principles, we will play a central role in building a bridge to link audience and all Nohgaku artists.
NPO Sense would create the Nohgaku world echerishing its tradition but evolving constantly.f
We intend to do our best to meet your expectations.

Sakio Hashioka
Born as the second son of the National heritage Noh performer, Kyuma Hashioka, who had been a Noh actor of main characters (shi-te) in Kanze school. His grandfather, Kyutaro Hashioka, was also a National heritage Noh performer of main characters (shi-te) in Kanze school and Japan Art Academy member. Having been succeeded the art as a Noh shi-te actor and at the same time contributing to prevail Noh in the world as Representative of NPO (non-profit organization) Sense.
Member of Association for Japanese Noh and Kyogen.

yThe outline of the organizationz

Name: NPO Sense
Address: U-204, 4-1-8 Natsumi, Funabashi, Chiba, Japan
Telephone: 047-424-2929@@Fax: 047-424-2930
Activities: Planning and performing of the stages and events
               Operating internet site to disseminate Nohgaku
The executives:The representative, Sakio Hashioka
Foundation: December 13th, 2002 (Heisei 14)
Copyright(c) 2004 NPO Sense All rights reserved.